DIY Rolling Tray Ideas For Making At Home

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DIY Rolling Tray Ideas For Making At Home

Many weed connoisseurs tend to think that rolling trays are just for when you, ya know, roll up a blunt or joint. This is a common misconception! It is a great place to keep any of your lovely weed smoking accessories from King Palm, to your grinder for weed, any extra buds, lighter, and other spare parts that make a good smoke session. They can also be a decorative statement piece, keeping all your functioning parts in one place while putting a smile on your face. 

Different Types of Rolling Trays

There are a variety of different level rolling tray types. They can be flat entirely, have rolled-out edges, or even have a lid (resembling that of a box) while containing slots and holders for your various items. Homemade rolling trays typically consist of using household items that are within quick and easy grasping distance. These types of, I need it now, rolling trays consist of household items like a kitchen plate, any hardcover book or magazine of decent thickness, a medium-sized hand mirror, the coffee table itself, or even a piece of cardboard. 

Store-bought trays can be made from many materials. They range from cheap thin metal and plastic trays to high-end glass, ceramic, custom-made wood, and even 24karat gold-coated trays. Yes, you can literally have a rolling tray that costs over $700! The cheaper the tray, generally the smaller the size. This price can be tantalizing though because it means easy to replace, change, or do away with. The con of this is that there is not enough space to roll more than one joint or blunt at a time nor is there space for all of your other items like your grinder, lighter, and weed. You can even get small, foldable, pocket-carrying rolling trays made of plastic for relatively cheap. 

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Tips and Tricks for Creating Your Own Handmade DIY Rolling Tray

Various methods and styles on how to create your own stellar rolling tray are all over the internet. Here, we have gathered them for you for a one-stop review on the different DIY rolling tray ideas. The things you need to make your own custom homemade rolling tray are listed below and are yours for the making! 

Design ideas and styles for a rolling tray:

  • Trippy pictures 
  • Ordered vinyl stickers or make your own with a Cricut
  • Photos of family and friends or celebrities and anime

Methods to apply designs onto handmade rolling trays:

  • Resin/Epoxy/Polyurethane (gives a more shiny and solid finish)
  • Spray Paint
  • Modge Podge

You won’t necessarily need all of these supplies listed below but it is just an overall grouping of the various items needed to create different types of custom rolling trays.

Rolling Tray DIY Supplies:

  • Resin or Epoxy or Polyurethane to coat over the items or images you are looking to add over the rolling tray.
  • Vinyl stickers
  • Ashtray or even improvised items like a candle plate for a truly self-customized DIY matching rolling tray experience
  • Lighter (if you want to customize that to match your tray with some vinyl stickers but no epoxy/resin/polyurethane should be added to this item)
  • Small jar for weed (to customize and match with your tray)
  • Wood, metal, glass, or plastic tray
  • Spray paint, paint pens, or acrylic paint
  • Images, cut-outs, any other flat items (even dried flowers or coins)
  • Latex gloves 
  • Modge Podge
  • Adhesive paper (for your printer when printing out images if you want an easier route versus using Modge Podge!)

How to Make Your Own Custom Painted Rolling Tray

Making your own hand-painted rolling tray with some far-out and hippy-inspired designs can be rather easy, fun, and cathartic for those who are art and craft inspired. Here we will detail a simple and easy way to create your own rolling tray with items easily purchased from Walmart or even better a craft store like Michaels or Hobby Lobby.

  1. Take your rolling tray of any material and remove any price tags or stickers that may be on it. Make sure there is no dust or other bits of residue left on the surface.
  2. Work in an open space if spray-painting, otherwise on a nice sturdy flat surface or table. Begin by applying a solid coating with your choice of paint and make sure you get all surfaces. Let dry it dry properly. You can test the dryness in very subtle spots with a light touch to see if the paint is still tacky.
  3. After drying begin with whatever custom painting you would like with your markers and brushes or vinyl decal/designs. Complete your painting of the tray. 
  4. After the new paint has dried you will then pull out your Polyurethane and sponge brush; with a steady hand, coat it evenly across every inch of the tray. You can also opt for an epoxy resin on this step. There is a slight difference to the end result being epoxy is harder and stronger and shinier while polyurethane is more scratch-resistant.

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Another fun method to creating your own and unique rolling tray comes with the delightful usage of the classic Modge Podge! Decoupage may seem like a thing of the past but it is one simple way to bring that Haute couture into your life.

  1. Take your rolling tray of choice and after cleaning it of any residue or price stickers you will coat it entirely in Modge Podge using a sponge brush.
  2. Now you will take whatever pictures, colorful papers, or images and place them onto the Modge Podge coated tray. Make sure these images are covering every nook and cranny that you want and press them down tightly!
  3. You will now coat the image/pictures in a layer of Modge Podge. Wait at least 5 minutes and add another layer. After another 5 minutes add a third and final layer. 
  4. Don on your pair of protective gloves and take your epoxy resin and pour it over the tray. You will take your sponge brush and evenly distribute and coat the epoxy over the entire tray. Don’t forget to get into the edges. 
  5. After this, you will leave it to dry. From here you can decide whether or not you want to add more stuff like any additional decals, rhinestones, or any other item your vision sees fit!

Buy A Rolling Tray Set From King Palm 

Instead of making your own rolling tray, buy one today at the King Palm online head shop. They are known for their high quality pre-rolled cones for sale made from natural cordia leaves.


What Can I Make A Rolling Tray Out Of?

Some things that can be used as a rolling tray around your house are books, magazines, mirrors, metal trays, trinket trays, even a frisbee!

Can You Make Your Own Rolling Tray?

DIY Resin Rolling Tray

Making your own resin tray is also fairly easy. You will need a silicone mould, the resin and the resin hardener, as well as disposable gloves, clear plastic cups for mixing, resin pigment, and any gold leaf, glitter, or other material you want to add to the mix

What Is The Best Material For Rolling Tray?

Metal Rolling Trays are the Most Durable

Rolling trays are made from various materials – some from wood and others from plastic. Plastic rolling trays are usually the most affordable. However, some people prefer rolling trays made from sustainable wood such as bamboo.

What Is Best Size For Rolling Tray?

Large rolling trays typically measure 14 x 11 inches, medium 11 x 7.5 inches, and small trays 7.5 x 5.5 inches. Large trays are great for social gatherings or parties where multiple people may be rolling with increased flower and rolling accessories. For personal use, a medium or small tray is recommended.

Can You Paint On A Rolling Tray?

Sand the surface of the tray with sandpaper. This will help the paint adhere better to the surface. Choose the color or design you want for your rolling tray. You can use spray paint or acrylic paint, and you can get as creative as you like.

Can I Use A Plate As A Rolling Tray?

You may have thought to yourself, “This plate works fine; who needs a rolling tray?” Sure, you may be able to get away with using the surface of a park bench or dinner plate. But you will be missing out on a ton of benefits that a high-quality rolling tray has to offer.